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Take Your Mommy HomeChapter 423
Drama Romance

Take Your Mommy Home– Why? Five years ago, it’s were you who slept me?,And why after five years, it’s you again? Bai Chu Xiao was angry and held Jiang Cheng Yu’s collar and said, “I’ve been through hard time so much, how do you plan to compensate me?” The evil charm of Jiang Cheng Yu’s smile, he hugged her and said, “Is it enough with two babie plus my lifetime to compensate you”?

Punch Drunk LoveChapter 57.5
Adult Comedy Drama Mature

Park Sunwoo, who prefers a pair of thick glasses and an awkward-fitting suit, is an employee of DM Electronics Financial Accounting Team. He doesn have a very good reputation for being inflexible, but he doesn care at all about other peoples gossip because my happiness and comfort are of the utmost importance... Im in love with him too! They work for the same company! There is an opponent. Jung Taemoon, the male idol and prince of the personnel team. Park Sunwoo, who was secretly spying on his unrequited love as usual, finds out that Jung Taemoon enjoys promiscuous and rough one-night sex, and proposes that he can sleep with him as well...

Talk to Me Tenderly/Be Sweet to MeChapter 123
Comedy Romance Smut Webtoons

I only called to complain about the issue with my product…Gabriel fell in love with the voice of the customer service operator.What if the man with that same voice appears in front of Gabriel?!Gabriel had just found the voice of his dreams. Luke - a man with a perfect and dreamy voice, who'd rather devote himself to work than be in a relationship. Angel - owner of the adult shop, "Adult Angel." Ray - Gabriel's first crush and judo athlete!A romantic love square between the three men and Gabriel!

Bringing the Nation's Husband HomeChapter 182
Drama Romance

Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian marry by the will of their parents. However, Jinnian was no longer the kind boy Anhao once knew. An thus, on the night of their undesired wedding, Anhao made three rules: 1. Don't touch me in public. 2. Don't tell anyone that I'm your wife. 3. Don't let anyone find out that we live together.

My Princess CharmingChapter 40
Comedy Romance Yuri

Twenty-one year old Yuna is tired of having guys hit on her all the time. As popular as she is, she's been single her whole life. Just when she decides to make herself a boyfriend to fend off guys, she meets a handsome guy who looks good enough to be her boyfriend. But wait, the guy is actually a girl! In fact, rumor says that Min is a lesbian. Nonetheless, the two decide to pretend to be in a romantic relationship.

Just for a MeowmentChapter 103
Drama Romance Webtoons

Orphaned at birth and bullied at work, Myohee has been through countless trials in life. But when she gets scammed by her only friend and ends up bankrupt, Myohee feels as though she’ll never find the silver lining to her cloud. She decides to end her own life by jumping from a building, but mid-air, the grim reaper halts her descent, saying her time isn’t up yet. She’s ordered to live for 100 more days…as a cat! Before she knows it, she’s taken to the home of her handsome, aloof boss, Mr. Cha. It seems like the perfect chance to receive the love and care she never had in life…if only Myohee can remain a cat!

Cheese in the TrapChapter 300.1
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

Having returned to college after a year long break, Hong Sul, a hard-working over-achiever, inadvertently got on the wrong side of a suspiciously perfect senior named Yoo Jung. From then on her life took a turn for the worse and Sul was almost certain it was all Yoo Jung's doing. So why is he suddenly acting so friendly a year later?

Do I Smell?Chapter 30
Romance Smut Supernatural Yaoi

The story of Ji Hojae, who was cursed with an unidentifiable smell, and his friend whos followed him like a sunflower for 10 years, Han Geonwoo. Because of a strange professor, Hojae begins to feel self-conscious and suspicious of Geonwoo, as though he has never known him before. Soon, he ends up having a very lewd dream, however...

Sweat and SoapChapter 43.5
Comedy Mature Romance Smut

Don’t miss a romcom manga like no other! In an office romance, there’s a fine line between sexy and awkward … and that line is where Asako—a woman who sweats copiusly—met Koutarou—a perfume developer who can’t get enough of Asako’s, er, scent. Asako’s living her dream, working at the toiletry maker Lilia Drop. Little do her coworkers know, the reason she loves the company so much is that she’s ashamed of her body odor, and their soap is the only thing that does the trick. So when the company’s lead product developer, a perfuming genius, approaches her in the lobby and wonders what “that smell” is, she’s terrified … but could it be … that he likes it? And, even more surprising to Yae … does she like him? The hilarious ups and downs of an office romance at a personal care products company are the subject of this sexy, strange romp. Sweat and Soap combines the odd-couple chemistry of Wotakoi, the “too real!” workplace comedy of Aggretsuko, and a heavy dollop of office steaminess!

Dragon In DistressChapter 195
Comedy Yaoi

This is a story about a little Eastern green dragon and a little Western black dragon playing together.

My ID is Gangnam BeautyChapter 91.5
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

A super fat and ugly girl doesn't want to live anymore because she was rejected so many times by every guy she has tried to confess.. But now she is beauty and she can have any guy she wants.. Now she is Gangnam Beautyyy!! Manhwa you may also like: + Ghost Wife + UnTOUCHable + It Would Be Great if You Didn't Exist + Lookism

Willow love storyChapter 64
Romance Shounen ai Webtoons

From the moment of his birth until now, Han Sang Yul's life is not without lying. He was not the youngest son of Jodong medicine, but the chairman Han purposely took it from an Omega. Known as an Omega with a weak body but can only live as a subject of drug experiments, a drug so the body can react like other Omega.And Han Sang Yul - who was supposed to be kicked out of the house because of the value of taking advantage - since after meeting Prince Lee Reok by chance, normal life has gradually become more nervous and more hopeful. However, because he accidentally concealed his identity with Lee Reok right from the first meeting, he felt extremely guilty and embarrassed. During the time when Han Sang Yul was hesitant in confessing, things were getting bigger and bigger...Vietnamese: https://cungtruongnguyetblog.xyz/chuyen-tinh-cay-lieu-shu/Ridibooks: https://ridibooks.com/books/4304000001

The Good LifeChapter 30
Comedy Romance Shounen ai Webtoons

It's not my fault for being born this handsome! Just leave me alone!!

Love at First SightChapter 100
Comedy Romance


The Lady with a MaskChapter 55
Comedy Romance

By day Viola Lim is a secretary, but by night she’s secretly a children’s storybook author under the pen name Violet. Too talented to be just an office worker, she created The Child with A Mask to escape her terrible boss, Harrison Kwon. Sure, he’s attractive, intelligent, but he’s also super rude! And now, he wants to find the creator of the book. How long can she keep her identity secret? And why does her boss want to meet her…

Gone with the bubblesChapter 74
Romance Shounen ai Webtoons

As an unexpected descendant of a cursed family of mermaids, Eunwoo's only hope of survival is to never fall in love. For years this was easy enough, until one day he's forced to confront his childhood friend and first kiss, Taeho. But why has he come back, toying with Eunwoo's heart? Can Eunwoo resist Taeho's pull or will he succumb to his hidden feelings, and ultimately, disaster?

Queen Cecia's ShortsChapter 128
Comedy Romance

With 99 nations conquered and the cup of the ruler in her hands... you'd think she was off to a heroic conquest, but the great queen's Cecia's real concern was her uncomfortable corset! The queen of Valencia suffered from complicated laces and heavy corsets, and thus ordered her trusted brother, Duke Ennon Lionheart to bring her comfortable clothes. Meanwhile, Yuri, a clothing designer was killed in an accident after suffering from a small minimum wage at a medium-sized clothing company in Korea. She was reborn in a medieval country ruled by Queen Cecia. Yuri vowed to revolutionize the outdated clothing dilemma, so she dressed up as a man and worked as a designer at the top of the continent's highest court to do easy business. But... what happens when Ennon discover's Yuri's true identity...?

Super SecretChapter 143
Comedy Drama Romance Supernatural

Gyeonwo and Eunho have been together since their childhood as neighbors and friends, however, as Eunho goes through her new-found college life, she becomes aware of her neighbor's secret. A cute slice-of-life 4koma styled webtoon with a supernatural twist.Raw: http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/list.nhn?titleId=650304&no=3&weekday=

One More TimeChapter 37
Drama Ecchi Romance Smut

Chae-yi ended up staying at the home of Gun-woo, a close friend who had eloped with his girlfriend to avoid a family custom. As she enjoyed her solitary hours, soaking in the bathtub watching the Manhattan night scene, she didn't know that a man was approaching her ... - "You approached Noh Jae-hyuk to jump into bed with him, didn't you?" - "That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!" - "Does that sound like a lie to you?"

Please Take Care Of Me In This Life As WellChapter 115
Romance Webtoons

The biggest romance rival of my 19th life is my 18th? The romance story of a woman who remembers her past life.

Pixel of LifeChapter 130
Drama Romance Webtoons

After finding out her boyfriend has been cheating with her boss, Hana loses her menial desk job of 5 years. Countless rejections later, she finally lands an interview at a small art gallery. Hana jumps at the chance to leave the drama of the past few months behind. But her high school friend (and worst enemy) Jiyeon is the gallery owner? Their most peculiar romance is about to begin… or not?! Source: TappyToon

Hare-konChapter 187
Comedy Drama Romance Smut

Koharu, tired of all the men in her life being lying, married philanderers, decides to move back home, away from the city. Once there she finds her family saddled with a huge debt and no way out, until a handsome but creepy stranger offers to pay the debt, at the same time asking her to marry him. But, as if things weren't crazy enough, he already has two wives!

Again「Official」Chapter 78.5
Drama Mature Romance Smut

Perhaps karma does exist. Han Nokyoung, an A-list actor with a foul attitude, winds up getting his just deserts when a video of him sleeping with LK Entertainment’s CEO, Kang Junil, surfaces on the internet. To make matters worse, Nokyoung soon becomes the victim of an acid attack, ending his career entirely. With even his boss and the man he loves, Jang Hyunjae, leaving his side, Nokyoung feels there’s nothing left for him anymore and takes his own life. But instead of waking up in the afterlife, Nokyoung finds himself three years in the past! Now determined to change the future, Nokyoung turns over a new leaf and tries not to get involved with either of the men that led to his downfall. However, when it comes to Kang Junil, Nokyoung’s fate might already be sealed…

Ring my BellChapter 63
Romance Webtoons Yuri

Hell yeah! A major publisher wants Mai Sohn to write a webcomic on relationships. But she’s struck with heartbreak as her girlfriend abruptly dumps her. It’s hard writing about relationships without being in one, so she needs to find the inspiration for love — and find it fast. And what’s up with her possibly homophobic neighbor? Why is she cool with Mai one minute and then so awkward and weird to her the next?! Can’t a girl catch a break?

She May Not Be CuteChapter 104

"I never imagined being with him." "I never would have imagined being with anyone but her." After the treachery of her fiancé and her escape to the steps of the altar, Anran is not ready to trust love, but two years later, a change she did not expect, the one she considered a younger brother is back.

The Tale of a High School NinjaChapter 132
Comedy Drama Martial arts Romance

Show your resolve if you want to get on the mission."...In order to take on a mission to protect her beloved master, Kunoichi high school girl Kohana crosses the line with her childhood pervy friend and ninja classmate, Toranosuke! Can Kohana handle the special naughty training required of her? Authentic ninja techniques, love, and non-stop thrills... This is the beginning of a naughty school romantic comedy!

The Boy in the All-Girls SchoolChapter 473
Comedy Ecchi Romance Shounen

In an all-girls school full of jaw-dropping beauties, a male student suddenly transfers in!!! Perhaps in the eyes of others, this would be a dream-like paradise, but in reality, the future is completely unimaginable…

Kinmu Jikangai, Rinjin no Joushi wa Kemono ni NaruChapter 99
Drama Romance Smut

On the veranda, hot fingers are swirling around in her sensitive spot, to the point that her legs are shaking... Her demon boss is so beastly and passionate...!

Robber x LoverChapter 105
Comedy Romance Shounen ai Webtoons

Ji Ho’s week has been, to put it simply, quite eventful. He’s still getting used to being back in university after a leave of absence, he manages to snag a killer offer for a place to rent in downtown Seoul, and on his first day in the new house, he runs into a robber! The strange thing about this robber(?) is that he doesn’t seem interested in any valuables, but is enamored by the story Ji Ho scribbled down in some old notebooks. So enamored that he offers to keep house for Ji Ho so that he can concentrate on writing more. Ji Ho initially refuses that odd proposition, but the more he thinks about it, the less he has to lose...

Cat and Dog (Hee-Jung Park)Chapter 81
Drama Romance Webtoons

A brooding actor named Seul-Woo and a naïve country girl named Young-Woo were arranged to be married when they were kids. Now adults, the time for their marriage has arrived. Essentially strangers, the newlyweds must now learn how to deal with living together, clingy exes, betrayal and their own complicated feelings for each other. Source: Spottoon

Peerless DadChapter 291
Action Comedy Drama Martial arts

He is a matchless dad who knows the will of the heavens. Thus begins a new story from Noh Cyungchan, the author of 'Red Storm'. Its an amazing story about one martial arts journey through marriage, fatherhood, and battles. Featuring a bad-ass master, family oriented MC and a tragic backstory.

My UncleChapter 50
Ecchi Romance


The Chronicle Of Teenage BoysChapter 101.3
Drama Romance Shounen ai

Ele, que é inocente e tímido, começou a desenvolver sentimentos pelo representante de sua classe, mas o representante tem suas emoções em altos e baixos! Ah, será que na primeira primavera de sua vida, poderá dar frutos? Nt. Essa história é dividida em duas etapas: eles jovens e a idade adulta.

Suimitsutou Ha  Shoujo Ni KajirareruChapter 73
Drama Ecchi Romance Webtoons

Momoka who has become an arasa with zero romance experience. Frustrated by this situation, she discovers the existence of "lesbian sex" while searching for an online encounter. Momoka decides to use it, but she is attracted to her by having sex with a lesbian sex girl "Riko" who appeared at the meeting place, but she has a secret ...?

Uruwashi no Yoi no TsukiChapter 28

Because of her appearance and her behavior, Yoi has been continuously treated as a prince, despite being a girl. One day, when she already accepted being put into the role as a prince in high school, she somehow got entangled with one of her senpais at school, someone whos also being called prince?

The Professor's Double LifeChapter 52
Drama Romance Yaoi

Jaeyoung Ha, a young professor at K University's Department of Business Administration. His lectures and kindness were top quality and he's quite popular among the teachers at the university. However, he has been keeping a secret about being an otaku who is obsessed over some animated girl. Then one day, when a student discovers that he's an otaku who is a Dakimakura, his peaceful daily life fell apart.

Ten CountChapter 48
Drama Mature Romance Smut

When the President got into an accident, Shirotani Tadaomi met Kurose. On their very first meeting, Kurose could tell right away that Shirotani is Mysophobic and said that it’s pretty bad while suggesting it would be better to consult a doctor about it. Shirotani was left perturbed by the encounter. Who is Kurose? And how was he able to tell Shirotani’s condition?

Mommy, where's my daddy? (Official)Chapter 113
Adult Mature Romance Webtoons

Ye Xuange is a former trainee in Linshan Entertainment. Before she can be called a "star", she's been defamed by scandals, sexy photos, boyfriend's betrayal... She may be the most unfortunate heroine ever. But one day, she wakes up to a five-year-old son and a bossy husband she never knew of? Her life will be changed completely!

Lost ThingsChapter 32
Adult Drama Mature Romance

This content has many provocative scenes. Please watch your back when reading. Seo Yi-Hwan, the youngest daughter of a conglomerate. She, a close friend, and a world-renowned pianist have enjoyed dangerous times committing themselves to promiscuous parties and drugs together. But soon, the walls of trust they've built slowly begins to crack as the mysterious girl, Yoo Serin appears in the lives of the two men. Who is is this new mysterious girl?

Thirsty ThirtyChapter 51
Comedy Drama Romance

Yaeun Chu is about to turn thirty. While her friends marry and start new lives, she works full-time at a lighting company and sees her boyfriend on the weekends. That all ends when she discovers he’s having an affair with one of her coworkers. Drowning herself in work until her body and mind begin to fail her, Yaeun struggles to keep her head above the raging waters of romance, personal happiness, and life after thirty.

Shachou no Watashi ni Tachikko Naidesho?Chapter 54
Romance Smut

I can't believe the face I made when my subordinate told me he loved me. No one's ever gotten erect over me, so I don't know what to do...!

Pregnant Wife, One Plus OneChapter 275
Drama Romance

He has the absolute power. He kills without hesitation and is a cold, fickle man. Yet he becomes obsessed with her and dotes on her nonstop.The first time they met, he asked, “Was it you, six years ago?”The second time they met, he’s holding onto the DNA test, “You still dare to say he’s not my son?”The n time they met, “Mr. Duke, do you have an end to this?”The guy smiled with a deep charm, “The second child have yet to be born. Of course, there’s no end to this.”

Miscreants and MayhemChapter 68
Action Drama Mature Romance

“I missed you, Dad. Did you miss me too?” Gang member Ryu Nanmu may be one of the top dogs in his “organization,” but in life he’s hit rock bottom. He dreamed of building a family once, with his boss’ mistress and her son Pil-gyun, but he’s had to pay dearly for coveting something that could never be his. After several long years, the hope for a family had become barely anything more than a nostalgic memory for Nanmu...until a grown-up Pil-gyun dramatically reappears in Nanmu’s life. Except, this isn’t the child that Nanmu remembers. Pil-gyun is calculated, deadly, and obsessively in love with him. Although Nanmu knows he should put an end to this futile relationship, Pil-gyun’s tender words of love can’t help but tug at his heartstrings…

Suddenly Became A Princess One DayChapter 125
Comedy Romance

When I opened my eyes I had become a princess! But out of all characters in this romance novel, why is it the princess who has the fate of dying to her own blood-related dad, the emperor!

Save me gentlyChapter 79
Comedy Drama Romance Shounen ai

The super rebellious teenager Xiang yang was born with an instinctive anti-social nature. His difficult attitude caused adults headaches and classmates fear, but also strongly attracted the class president's sharp eyes. It is unknown when it started, but Ming Zhi's feelings towards Xiang yang became more complicated: distressed, angry, pitying, and ... love? With the never-wavering tenderness and some necessary strictness, he tamed the boy. A collide of strong hormones, they succour themselves though laughters and cries.

Starting With a LieChapter 63.5
Comedy Romance Shounen Webtoons

To avoid accepting two simultaneous confessions from Xia Yiyi and Qiu Mang, Tang Tang told them he wasn't into girls. Due to the two girls' unwillingness to back down, they told Tang Tang that he must show them evidence that this was true. To cover up his own lies, Tang Tang decided to seek help from his friend Chen Qingye so they could put on an act to help Tang Tang get away from the unwanted confessions. Though constantly showing restraint, Chen Qingye always ended up accepting Tang Tang's propositions.

HorimiyaChapter 128
Comedy Romance Shounen

Hori is your average teenage girl... who has a side she wants no one else to ever find out about. Then there’s her classmate Miyamura, your average glasses-wearing boy in school and a totally different person out. When the two meet unexpectedly, they discover each others’ secrets and develop an unexpected friendship.

Omae no Subete wo Daki TsukusuChapter 102
Romance Smut

"I'm already overflowing like this... I'll just shove it in." "Manager... more... I mean.. Ahh!" Kiyoko (33) a female banker, who was about to get married, suddenly got her engagement cancelled. It was an old enemy and Manager, Samejima, who consoled Kiyoko in her disappointment. We were getting drunk, and then I found myself in bed and getting really crazy... The hot and hard part of the Manager, who was difficult to get close to, stimulated Kiyoko's innermost body, and she enjoyed unbelievable pleasures. The next day, when I thought all of it was just a one night thing, the Manager declared, "I already registered our marriage." ?!!

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