Super Genius DNA [Official]

Korean Drama Fantasy Medical ...
Total views: 5264
Last chapter: 55

Straylight Tiger

Webtoons Action Sci-fi
Total views: 3046
Last chapter: 57

Girl And Science

Action Adventure Comedy Ecchi ...
Total views: 48643
Last chapter: 329

Darwin's Game

Shounen Mystery Psychological Sci-Fi
Total views: 47055
Last chapter: 110

Real Man

Action Drama Sci-fi
Total views: 53627
Last chapter: 127

Let Me Game in Peace

Action Adventure Comedy Dungeons ...
Total views: 52200
Last chapter: 92

Dreaming freedom

Webtoon Violence Delinquents Mystery ...
Total views: 554459
Last chapter: 82.5

Iron Ladies

Action Comedy Ecchi Harem ...
Total views: 429186
Last chapter: 508

Ibrahim Coyle

Cartoon Comic Seinen Violence ...
Total views: 1501
Last chapter: 26

Legend of Star General

Manhua Shounen Action Drama ...
Total views: 43823
Last chapter: 105

World's Apocalypse Online

Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi
Total views: 159359
Last chapter: 216

Machine Era

Korean Webtoon Action Fantasy ...
Total views: 3229
Last chapter: 49

The Promise (Official)

Manhua Webtoon Drama Monsters ...
Total views: 12812
Last chapter: 39

Perfect Surgeon [Official]

Manhwa Shounen Drama Fantasy ...
Total views: 701
Last chapter: 19

The Legendary Mechanic

Action Sci-fi
Total views: 207649
Last chapter: 171

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