Saihate no Paladin

Action Adventure Drama Fantasy
Total views: 16665
Last chapter: 54.1

Kitchen Soldier

Shounen Action Webtoons Comedy ...
Total views: 11167
Last chapter: 55

Newbie Management

Action Adventure Fantasy
Total views: 6652
Last chapter: 49

The Knights Of Gangnaam

Action Adventure Fantasy
Total views: 1012
Last chapter: 20

BJ Archmage

Action Adventure Fantasy Shounen ...
Total views: 56890
Last chapter: 59

Kill My Husband

Drama Fantasy Mature Romance
Total views: 22998
Last chapter: 33

Ennead [Mature]

Manhwa Yaoi Drama Fantasy ...
Total views: 1303744
Last chapter: 125

Super Genius DNA [Official]

Korean Drama Fantasy Medical ...
Total views: 5256
Last chapter: 55

Long Live the Drama King

Manhwa Webtoon Shounen Adaptation ...
Total views: 11395
Last chapter: 33

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